We are a family owned and operated manufacturer . Starting out in 2007 we to manufacture great tasting healthier snack bars and sports nutrition bars for some well known brands.

In more recent years we have branched out into protein bars, functional bars as well as manufacturing and packing a variety of healthy bites from our modern well invested manufacturing facility in the Midlands. We are always interested in discussing projects with supermarkets for own label products , as well as brand owners and International buyers.


We have a dedicated manufacturing site with a capacity of over 120,000 bars per week

We also offer bites and other shaped products as range extensions.


We are accredited by SALSA, which is an internationally recognised food safety system for smaller companies which is recognised  by many top UK supermarkets 


We have an extensive 220 pallet warehouse with dedicated storage areas for allergenic ingredients , organic ingredients and packaging


We always consider development projects, with a realistic view as to the feasibility not only of the product, but also the potential sales routes and probability of success

customer base

We supply a range of companies and brand owners, ranging from major international companies to small start ups with a vision.


We have extensive experience of food manufacturing systems, processing and technical requirements of supermarkets , wholesale and international markets